How to buy Bitcoin

One of the largest barriers for cryptocurrency adoption is the buying process.
Let’s walk through how to make that buying process a “walk in the park”.

Option 1:

  • Probably the most popular entry point on the crypto-world: coinbase. At coinbase you can buy bitcoin with credit card, wire transfer, and they have a mobile app very user friendly that provides you an pricing alert feature (if you engage into trading, it can be very useful).

Option 2:

  • Probably one of the simpler exchanges I ever used, allows you tu buy with credit-card, wire transfer, and has some very user friendly trading features: limit, market, and margin-trading, with trading pairs in BTC, EUR and USD.

Option 3: (for the pros)

  • If you’re comfortable enough with cryptocurrency trading, maybe you should try binance. It’s probably the best exchange available, with plenty of trading options and great user-interface.