Revolut – How to buy and spend Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum with card

One of the largest barriers for cryptocurrency adoption is the buying process.
With Revolut card, this process is transparent and as easy as 1..2..3!

First of all, you will need to register at Revolut with your mobile phone number and install the android or IOS app.

After this, you will need to top up (1) your account with a 10€ minimum, either with a wire transfer, credit card or debit card (credit card has a small fee, so I recommend topping up with one of the other options).

( Right now, the cryptocurrency feature is only available to premium members, or after 3 successful invites. )

Now that you have your account topped up, you’ll need to buy a card, either physical card, or virtual (it costs 6€).

To access crypto, you’ll have to go to premium features, and activate cryptocurrencies. After it is activated, go to the accounts section (2), and add the fiat and cryptos that you want.

All set, lets exchange some fiat to crypto (3), or crypto to fiat (4) instantly, with NO HIDDEN FEES:

Now, lets talk about security. Revolut has a lot of security features, I’ll recommend at least to disable swipe payments (5) – it’s the #1 weapon of choice for cloning cards – and freezing the card while not in use (6).

At the moment, you can only buy and sell at the revolut app, and transfer between revolut users, but in a near future they are planing on integrating wallets, and all the features a crypto enthusiast wants and needs.